Best Steaks to Order in Steakhouse

Your palette enjoys the juiciest, tastiest, and most tender of steaks whenever you visit a high-end and top steakhouse. Of course, when it comes to the diner, the taste is subjective. However, the tenderness and juiciness are what diners expect at the best steakhouse Nouvelle-Calédonie.  

In general, most well-known steaks for broiling or grilling will be those from the rib sections, tenderloin, and short loin of beef. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the taste is a matter of personal preference. However, juiciness and tenderness are vital to the enjoyment of the steak. Here are a couple of the most common steaks ordered at high-end steakhouses. 

Porterhouse Steak 

The T-Bone and Porterhouse are basically the same cut of steak. The truth is that it’s sometimes known as the “king of the T-Bones”. It’s a bigger version of it since it is cut from further up the loin portion. It’s larger with a bigger piece of tenderloin meat. Typically, you will not find a Porterhouse steak smaller than 500 grams. At some steakhouse restaurants, they even offer 1.4 kg of Porterhouse steaks. It is the ideal steak to share. This will provide every person a taste of both the New York Strip and Filet Mignon.  

T-Bone Steak 

This type of steak is actually 2 steaks in 1. If you cannot choose between a New York Strip and a Tenderloin Filet, then the T-Bone steak is the best one to order. The reason for this is that it features both a New York Strip and Filet part separated by a T-shaped bone. That’s why it is called T-Bone Steak. However, there is something that you have to consider, especially if you prefer well done or medium-well steak. The meat that’s located next to the bone is hard to reach those temperatures. Thus, if you order medium-well or well done, you might end up overcooking the whole steak.  

New York Strip 

When all things are considered, the New York Strip is probably the best steak. It has less fat compared to the ribeye, but still as tender. It also offers its own flavor. It’s buttery and succulent. A couple of steakhouses feature a bone-in version.  

Ribeye Steak 

This type of steak has the most abundant marbling of fat. Because of this, it is known as the most flavorful and juiciest of all steaks. If you’re a real steak enthusiast, this should always be your first choice. It is fatty, robust, and beefy. For a couple of individuals, it can sometimes be extremely fatty. It also has a bone-in option.  

Tenderloin Filet 

This is also called the Filet Mignon. It’s the most tender type of steak. However, it has little marbling of fat. It is the ideal option for people who are cautious of their fat intake since it is both tender and lean. Compared to the other types of steaks, it has the mildest flavor. It also isn’t as juicy as the other steaks since it has little fat. If cooked beyond medium, this steak can become dry.